The new League of Legends

Mon 28th Nov 2016 - 10:03am Gaming


 Interview with Alex "blackDEATH2343" de Lange

The new League of Legends UI



  • When did you start playing League of Legends?
    • Mid-year 2011 it was also my first MMO game.


  • What got you into League of Legends?
    • My brother heard about it from a friend and downloaded the game for me while i was in school after that i was hooked.


  • How long have you been playing?
    • I’ve been playing casually for about 4 years but for this year i have started taking it more seriously.


  • What had you say to yourself “I’m going to play this a lot more"?
    • I saw pro players such as doublelift and gosu play and that inspired me to improve at the game.


  • How did you get to take part in this?
    • My account was unsuccessfully hacked and it was Riots way of making it up to me.


  • What is your favourite feature about the new UI?
    • The layout of your personal profile is really sleek and cool i like that it shows your most played champion.


  • What is your least favourite feature?
    • The fact that you can’t minimize your friends list.


  • Has it become easier to use?
    • Yes the UI is much more basic but more stylish so it looks better than the old UI but is even easier to use and navagate.


  • Do you feel like it will be a lot to take used to?
    • I feel like older league players will take a while as they are used to the old layout but new players should really take to this UI well.


  • Is it a bad move to make big changes like this or is this big change for the better?
    • No not at all change is what propels us forward into new and unexplored territory and with all the new improvements in the new UI Riot is showing us how good their changes can be.


  • What are some new Features that we can look forward to?
    • A new champion select is really amazing very sleek and sets it apart from the new UI, We have a new chat system, better profile management and best of all we have a new replay function for Youtubers to record their best moments.



Due to the kindness and willingness i was able to meet up blackDEATH2343 and see the new UI up close and personal but my time was little even though i only played around witht the new UI for a short time I personally am looking forward to the new UI.



Douglas Nel

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