Best Looking CS:GO Teams

Thu 21st Apr 2016 - 1:21am Gaming

We at ITG are happy to present you with our top 5 best looking CounterStrike teams! We tried our best to get all of our staffs opinions along with some of our friends opinions to bring you the least biased top 5.

We've created this article for pure entertainment purposes and not to bash any Counterstrike players or their teams as they're much better players and better looking than plenty of us.

On a side note we used the HLTV's team photos to judge the teams. With that understood, let's kick off our top 5.


#5 Godsent

Many people say that Sweden has the best looking people in the world. Godsent is no exception. Just by looking at their pictures you can tell they spent time getting ready for this photo shoot. Pronax spent a lot of time getting his hair ready while Znajder pulled off Zoolanders stunning "blue steel" look. Pauf finished his protein shake and is flexing for the camera. The rest of the team doesn’t do a bad job maintaining themselves either. These Swedes definitely deserve a spot in our lineup.


#4 Dignitas

Dignitas is another strong team in our list. While some players might hold them back from a higher ranking, RUBINO's luscious beard and Kjaerbye's silky hair have carried them onto a spot in our top 5.


#3 CLG

CLG has some of the best looking guys in CS. Cutler might be bald, but at least he can pull off the hat. JDM, Hazed, and Tarik all look like friendly guys and are pretty decent looking as well. CLG does have Fugly, but is Fugly really that Fugly? We didn't think so and because of this CLG has secured the 3 spot in our top 5.



#2 Luminosity



Brazil is known for their stunning and sexy women. Luminosity Gaming is known for their CounterStrike. After this top 5 we hope they're known for a bit more than being great players as we've ranked them number 1 on our list. Fallen and Fer have two of the best groomed beards in CS and the rest of the team isn't far behind as far as looks go. We're not sure what's underneath tacos hat, but we're assuming he's pretty good looking and are keeping LG at #2.



#1 G2

G2 has some of the best hair in the game. With players like Scream, Shox, SmithZz, and Bodyy how could you not include them anywhere but #1. It takes a special type of hair and a great hair stylist to pull off looks like that. G2 is finally playing well and are now the #1 team on our list.


Honorable Mentions:

When we first started thinking of the idea C9 was near the top of our list. Once Sean Gares and Freakazoid left they dropped off our list completely. Some other honorable mentions include Pasha's Biceps, F0rest's beard, and Device's Hair. Sorry guys, but you could not carry your team to a placement in our top 5.


If you disagree with our rankings or would have a different team placed in the top 5 please let us know with a tweet to our Twitter or a comment on Reddit!

We hope to hear from some of you soon and we will keep you updated on our website's stats over our Twitter





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